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september wrap-up!!

  • september felt longer compared to august
  • also so many drama? from olivia wilde to adam levine
  • universe definitely gave none of us a BREAK
  • what do y’all think about don’t worry darling?
  • midnights by taylor swift coming soon omg. . .

september was absolutely bittersweet to me. genuinely. the excitement to head off to university mixed with anxiety, all jumbled up with rainy weather. truly bittersweet.

the sturniolo triplets : main source of serotonin

i whole-heartedly believe that the s in sturniolo stands for serotonin. these boys!! own my heart!! super duper hilarious. i’d pay to hang out with them, literally. would do anything just to spend a lunch at mcdonalds with them. you’ve got to be on another level of interesting to be able to entertain the people of youtube by simply chatting in the car. i never thought i’d enjoy a video which consists of three boys chatting in their minivan but here i am!! entertained!! giggling!! swaying my legs!! their charm will surely have your eyes glued on the screen. nick is hilarious, matt is just. . . matt. chris says the most out of pocket things. i’m not one to enjoy eating alone but because of their videos i find myself enjoying lunch alone at a hidden corner of a familymart — headphones on, giggling at their videos. what has my life come to.

some videos of theirs i highly recommend:

PLEASE watch them & let me know what you think!!

studio ghibli has my standards sky high

hey god . . . it’s me again. when will i have a romance straight out of a studio ghibli film???

i’ve always adored studio ghibli movies. due to the amount of free time i’ve had in september, i’ve been rewatching some of the films. got me all in my feels T_T

personal favourite studio ghibli films :

  • howl’s moving castle
  • ponyo
  • from up on poppy hill
  • the wind rises
  • whisper of the heart

howl’s moving castle has no business being that good. i lost count on how many times i’ve rewatched the film. everytime — and i mean everytime howl says “that’s my girl,” i combust. my braincells burst into a million pieces. i start kicking my legs and blushing. if i don’t get a man like howl then you know what, i don’t want one at all.

is it too late to talk about “a good girl’s guide to murder” ?

i KNOW that i’m kind of late to the trend but my, my, this book sure live up to its hype. normally i tend to not believe booktok recommendations but my own friends recommended me this book so i had no choice! i finally gave it a go and. . . subhanallah (glory to Allah) it was impossible to put this book down. i simply couldn’t. i eat lunch, and i’ll think about this masterpiece. i’m showering, and i’m thinking of this book. etched into my brain like the lyrics of a song. booktok, thank you!

pip and ravi <33 beloveds.

if you’ve read a good girl’s guide to murder, tell me about your thoughts! i’d love to hear them!

heading off to university

yep, i’m entering that phase of life. utterly excited since i’m one to romanticize studying. you should see my pinterest board. pastel highlighters, filled notebooks . . . 💭

most of my dorm items are pink, so pray that my roommates aren’t anti-pink. my keyboard is pink, my dustbin is pink, my organizer is pink — everything is pink.

my mother’s wallet is surely crying by the amount of money i’ve spent. there are particular purchases that i’m super proud of though!

taking english for professional communication as my course. i kid you not i’m buzzed to be typing my assignments on my keyboard. it’s one of those keyboards that make those satisfying sounds — the moment it arrived, i wouldn’t stop typing random essays. my course has no mathetics too. that’s right — no more numbers!! i’m a free woman!! no more crying over algebra!!

one of the subjects i’m most enthusiastic about is literature. hoping that we’ll study greek mythology. the trojan war is interesting — i’d love to have an in-depth discussion about the characters. perhaps one day i should share my thoughts on the characters. i have a lot to say about achilles.

and. . . scene! that’s all for my first wrap-up ever <33 hope you guys had a pleasant september!!

logging off,



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