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words bubble up like soda pop : a review

you think you’ve seen all the colours in earth until you’ve watched this movie. watching this movie felt like eating rainbow whilst sitting on clouds.

this beautiful movie depicts two teenagers, one who can only speak through writing haikus, one who’s bubbly but hides behind a mask. after a fateful ( and super adorable ) meeting at a mall, they get closer. the start is cliche — i mean, who doesn’t love cliches? we all do! i practically was living through them vicariously when i watched this movie.

words bubble up like soda pop is vibrant, relatable, and heart-warming. the animation is eye-catching, and the character designs are simply *chef’s kiss. all the characters are eccentric as well — personality and style wise.

the plot is easy to follow — nothing like your name or howl’s moving castle. though animation wise, i believe it’s up there with those two. it’s a cute, relaxing movie — one you can definitely watch with your grandmother or your little sister. i kid you not, it got me shaking my legs and giggling. that’s how cute it is!!!

i’ll be thinking of this movie for the next five weeks, swear. if you plan to watch this gem, do watch it in japanese because !! japanese voice actors !! are goated !! goated af !! the emotions in line deliveries. . . breath-taking. heart-wrenching. also because the movements of the characters’ mouth will you know. . . line up with the audio if you watch it in japanese. oh, and because this movie contains haikus so it’s much better in japanese voiceover.

if you’re a fan of studio ghibli’s productions, i am seriously begging you to give words bubble up like soda pop a try. the emotions you will receive from this anime. . . whew!

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