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hello, welcome to girlmore!

girlmore, (n) noun.

gilmore (from gilmore girls), but with r. because i’m utterly obsessed with the tv show. plus, girlmore sounds like a land full of girls with different quirks.

the girls who love taylor swift and gilmore girls. the girls who drink coffee and romanticize life. the girls with dramatic eyeliner and is a total pro at games. all girls from around the world. i think we all share some universal experiences.

anyhow, wish me luck with consistent posting! i have a record of starting new things enthusiastically but forgetting them after two months. 😛

logging off,



2 thoughts on “hello, welcome to girlmore!

  1. Hello! Many thanks for following The Monching’s Guide! (Couldn’t find an About page here, so I hope you don’t mind if I leave this here.)

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    1. i surely don’t mind! no problem, i throughly enjoyed your blog 🙂

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